Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian was an officer  in the Roman army, some say the emperor’s personal Praetorian guard. When deacon Marcus and his twin brother deacon Marcellianus were arrested for being Christian, Sebastian encouraged them to stay strong and hold fast to the faith. Accused of being Christian himself, Sebastian was tied to a tree and shot with arrows. He survived this with the aid of Saint Irene and returned to preach to emperor Diocletian. The emperor then had him clubbed to death.
Saint Sebastian is depicted here as a Roman officer, the ceremonial dagger cradled in his left hand and the ring on his finger signify his rank. He wears a crown of laurels in token of his victory as a witness to the faith and in the background are palms of his martyrdom. The arrow, his most significant attribute is represented in his halo which itself is a symbol of the holy aura that surrounds the saints. Behind him are Saints Marcus and Marcellianus.
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